Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist vacancy


Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist vacancy, Responsive image

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist vacancy

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist - Individual Consultant
1. Introduction
The Palestinian Liberation Organization has received a grant from the International Development Association (IDA) in the amount of USD 20 million for the benefit of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to finance the Digital West Bank & Gaza Project (the Project). The Project will seek to produce concrete and tangible results for the Palestinians through increased access to high-speed broadband services and increased access to selected e-services to citizens and businesses. The Project will focus on key points to unleash digital transformation in the Palestinian territories addressing some of the bilateral challenges allowing digital transformation to achieve its full potential. It will strengthen the digital resilience of the Palestinian territories and the ability of the PA to respond to shocks, such as COVID-19.
The Project takes a multi-disciplinary approach to support the digital transformation, COVID recovery and resilience of the West Bank and Gaza. The Project will be implemented and overseen by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MTIT). Individual activities are to be implemented by MTIT and the High Council for Public Procurement Policies (HCPPP), over a 5-year period.
2. Summary of key Responsibilities:
The Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist will be responsible for monitoring and evaluation activities, monitoring indicators, and reporting against the project’s monitoring plan. The M&E specialist will also contribute to ensuring that all project reports include sufficient impact data and analysis. In Particular;
- Develop, design scope and implement a sound and appropriate monitoring and evaluation (M&E);
- Recommend further improvement of the logical frame work;
- Develop monitoring and impact indicator for the project success;
- Monitor all project activities, expenditures and progress towards achieving the project results;
- Monitor the sustainability of the project's results;
- Conduct regular field visits to the project sites to; monitor the projects’ activities and ensure project M&E objectives are met.
- Provide feedback to the PMU- Director on project strategies and activities;
- Suggest strategies to the Project Management for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the project by identifying bottlenecks in completing project activities and developing plans to minimize or eliminate such bottlenecks;
- Report monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual progress on all project activities to the PMU- General Director; and as per donors’ requirements;
- Participate in annual project reviews and planning workshops and assist the Project Manager in preparing relevant reports;
- Support monitoring and evaluation of the effects and impact of the project;
- Assist in coordinating across the available components of the Project to ensure effective implementation of M&E system;
- Work closely with the Project technical team to track project progress, and support them in their use of the M&E tools;
- Perform other duties as required.

3. Qualification Requirements:
- Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Telecom Engineering, Information Technology or related field.
- 5 years’ Experience in project management; experience in ICT sector projects would be an asset; Having a minimum 3 years of professional work experience in developing, implementing M&E systems for development projects by international/National organizations;
- Experience in designing tools and strategies for data collection, analysis and production of reports;
- Excellent computer skills: Proven ICT skills, Expertise in analyzing data using statistical software. particularly with one or more types of data analysis and management software (e.g., Excel, SPSS);
- Having a sound knowledge in the gender/social/ environmental context of the Gaza Strip;
- Excellent interpersonal and communications skills;
- Fluency in English and excellent report writing.

Deadline: 12 - November- 2022

Location: Ramallah

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